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Introducing the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy 101: When and How to Start Preparing Your Child

For children, the tradition of the tooth fairy helps them feel more comfortable with losing their baby teeth, bringing a bit of magic into the world. If you have a child who is getting ready to begin losing teeth, preparing them for the process and for the tradition of the tooth fairy is crucial. By…
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Replace missing teeth with dental implants.

All I Want for Christmas is a New Smile: 3 Ways Dental Implants Fill the Gap for Missing Teeth

When the holiday season approaches, it can fill the air with joy and celebration. As we gather with loved ones for festive events, a confident smile becomes our best accessory. But what if you’re missing teeth, and your smile feels incomplete? Don’t worry; dental implants can be your perfect gift this Christmas. In this article,…
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Enjoy a tooth-friendly Thanksgiving feast.

Healthy Thanksgiving Feast: Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving is the one holiday that significantly revolves around having as much food as possible. Though many of these meals are undoubtedly delicious, they may not be so nutritious. Of course, you can’t control the food your relatives bring to the feast, but you can call the shots on how you care for your teeth…
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Gum disease and pregnancy.

Gum Disease and Pregnancy: 3 Things Expectant Parents Need to Know

Paying Attention to Your Oral Health During Pregnancy Pregnancy affects practically every area of an expecting parent’s life, and oral health is no exception. You may experience changes to your mouth throughout your pregnancy, so paying attention during the entire pregnancy is crucial for your growing baby’s sake. According to the Centers for Disease Control…
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Restore teeth with same day crowns.

Need to Restore a Tooth? 6 Reasons to Consider CEREC Same Day Crowns

Are you looking for a solution to restore a damaged tooth from your dentist near Boise, ID? CEREC same day crowns have changed the way we think about dental crowns. This innovative treatment option could be just what you need to enjoy a convenient, effective, and beautiful tooth restoration. How do traditional dental crowns work?…
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Dentures or dental implants?

3 Pros and 3 Cons: Dental Implants and Dentures Unveiled

Dental implants and dentures are widely used solutions for people with missing teeth. However, there are some notable differences between these two options that can make them a better fit in specific cases. Understanding your needs and the pros and cons of these two options is key to finding the right tooth replacement solution. Choosing…
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Overcome dental anxiety.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety: Strategies for a Stress-free Dental Experience

Dental anxiety is very common. It affects around 36% of the population, with 12% having severe dental anxiety that may interfere with essential dental care. If you find the right way to address your anxiety, you can improve your overall dentist appointment experience and help protect your oral health. Understanding Dental Anxiety The first step…
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Dental care during Halloween.

Spooktacular Dental Hygiene: Making Brushing Fun for Kids This Halloween

While it might sound cliché, Halloween really is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to keeping up with oral health. Your children, like countless others, are likely to indulge in more than their fair share of sticky, sweet treats that contribute to tooth decay. However, there are steps you can…
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Choose delicious tooth-friendly foods.

Fall Into Healthy Habits: Top 10 Tooth-Friendly Foods for Autumn

Tooth-Friendly Foods To Enjoy This Fall The term “comfort food” may bring to mind the warmth of celebrations and shared moments with loved ones during holidays. As the leaves rustle underfoot and the cool breeze sets in, our cravings shift toward hearty, comforting meals. These dishes wrap us in a cocoon of rich flavors, eliciting…
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CEREC same-day crowns

Say Goodbye to Temporary Crowns: The Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crowns

We dedicate hours each year to maintaining our oral health, from dental check-ups to daily brushing. Restorative dentistry shouldn’t add unnecessary time to our routines. According to the American Dental Association, the average person spends about two hours yearly in the dental chair for exams and cleanings, and daily teeth care and oral hygiene take…
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