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10 Ways to Stay Safe Covid-19

10 Ways to Stay Safe as We Ease Back Into Life After COVID-19

Keep you and your loved ones safe as businesses reopen. On April 23, Idaho Governor Brad Little announced plans to reopen the state following the COVID-19 coronavirus shutdown. The four-stage approach aims to have most businesses back in action by the end of June, starting with some strategic reopenings on May 1. Though the state…
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Set your high school graduate up for success.

7 Ways You Can Help Your High School Graduate Be Successful

Set your high school graduate up for success. If you have a near-adult in your home, then they’re probably about to hit a huge milestone. They’re going to graduate high school soon, and if they’ve applied for college, they’ll be waiting on pins and needles for their acceptance letters. They may get into their dream…
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Boost your immune system with these 5 minute ideas.

10 Five-Minute Ideas for Boosting Your Immune System

Find quick ways to lend your immune system a helping hand. The current pandemic has drawn everyone’s attention to our health as we seek to reduce our contact with germs and strengthen our bodies’ defenses against the virus. Taking precautions against the virus by wearing face masks outside and following shelter-in-place orders are important parts…
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Stress Relievers for COVID-19 and beyond!

10 Stress Relievers You Can Practice at Home

Relieving Your Stress at Home Stress is a natural part of life, often cropping up in small doses when we experience minor changes or challenges. In healthy doses, it can actually serve as a good motivator, pushing us to try harder and do better. However, when your stress levels are constantly high or go through…
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Yes, your child can love going to the dentist!

How to Help Your Children Love Going to the Dentist

6 Tips for a Positive Pediatric Dental Visit From the moment they sprout their first baby tooth to the day they smile for their graduation photos, you can see how your children’s smiles are an asset to their physical, psychological, and social well-being. Though as you steer them through the many stages and phases that…
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Prosthodontists treatments that can transform your smile

7 Ways Prosthodontists Can Transform Your Smile

Prosthodontists can help you regain confidence in your smile. Prosthodontists can transform your self-confidence by helping you to resolve a wide range of issues with your smile, improving the health, function, and appearance of your teeth in the process. Once your treatment is complete, you may find yourself smiling more thanks to your new-found confidence.…
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Will implants change your smile?

6 Ways Implants Can Change Your Smile

How One Missing Tooth Affects Your Whole Body “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” —Thich Nhat Hanh A smile is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and those around you. Dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are released into your…
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How much do implants really cost?

How Much Do Implants Really Cost?

Dental implants will positively impact your oral health for life. Dental implants are rising steadily in popularity, with American dentists placing over 5 million each year according to the American Dental Association. They’re widely regarded to be one of the best tooth replacement options because they look and feel like natural teeth—and they pull their…
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Toothache home remedies

5 Toothache Home Remedies That Are Safe to Try

Do you have a toothache? Toothaches can make you miserable, often making it impossible for you to focus on work or to get a good night’s sleep. While it can be tempting to simply stave off the pain and hope it’ll go away on its own, tooth pain can have a variety of causes and…
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Boise Dental Emergency Tips

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency

What is a good dental emergency plan? No one wants to experience a dental emergency, but life has a way of throwing unexpected situations our way. Even if you take great care of your teeth, you could still experience a dental emergency. As a result, it’s wise to prepare for the possibility of a dental…
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