Tips for Making Your Trip to the Dentist Relaxing and Fun

Going to the dentist can be fun!

Make your next dental visit a breeze.

Self magazine claims that going to the dentist is about as much fun as plucking out your eyelashes one by one.

We beg to differ. We like to think we can make your dental experience far more relaxing than the thought of pulling out your eyelashes. We have numerous doctor-approved methods for relaxing at Staley Dental. To make your dental appointment even better, we’ve put together this handy guide to making the dentist fun (or at least as fun as possible), and to get the drill-wielding-man-in-a-white-coat image out of your head.

Choose one of our relaxation techniques.

First of all, call ahead to see what relaxation methods are right for you, so we can both be prepared for your appointment. We also take special care with our patients who express dental anxiety. We can’t read minds, so if you’re feeling afraid, tell us! Our team are experts at finding ways to help our patients relax and take care of their dental needs. You’ll find many suggestions on our dental anxiety page, such as music and throat spray, in addition to the various levels of sedation that make dental procedures much more accessible to you.

Turn your dentist appointment into an opportunity for self-care.

You might be able to shift gears in your mind when it comes to your impression of the dentist if you practice re-association. Schedule your dentist appointment so you can take half the day off to relax or indulge in a massage, manicure, pedicure, or something you love afterward. Boise has some great spa options near our dental practice. Knowing you have a relaxing massage or another pick-me-up to look forward to after your appointment will really help your mental state and reduce anxiety.

It really feels good to have clean teeth plus relaxed muscles (or beautiful nails) so you’ll end the day feeling like the best version of yourself. We should add that this one works better for routine care. If you’re getting a root canal or implant, grab the ice packs, painkillers, Netflix subscription, and blankets. And refer above for relaxation and sedation options.

Join our health savings plan.

Here’s one more reason to relax—our health savings plan. It feels good to know that your dental care expenses are, well, taken care of. Invest in our health savings plan so you know there will be no copay to worry about when you come in for your care. Many people underestimate the difference this makes until they try it. When you visit the dentist, the last thing you need on top of worrying about your appointment is checking your bank account to make sure you can afford the extra expense.

Check out the benefits of our health savings plan.

  • Two professional dental cleanings.
  • Two professional oral evaluations.
  • Routinely scheduled radiographs.
  • 15% off any other dental care provided in our office.

Schedule your child’s visit for the same time to create less hassle.

A stitch in time saves nine. Archaic metaphor aside (what’s a stitch?), scheduling your child’s appointment at the same time as yours is a no-brainer (provided that you actually have a child). This way, you save the driving time, appointment time, and preparation time that it takes to get ready before you leave for the appointment.

This works well for older children. Younger children often need more support from their parents, especially if they haven’t visited the dentist many times, and it can be hard to focus on your own oral health with a toddler running around!

Come equipped with your best dental or dad joke.

We can’t promise to laugh, but if we do, it was worth it. If we stare at you blankly, remind us of this blog post. One thing we never try to leave behind at Staley is our sense of humor!

Go to a dentist you love seeing.

All these suggestions are not as valuable as going to a dentist you love in the first place. Relaxing music and sedation methods go a long way, but not as far as having underlying trust in your dentist.

Allow us to toot our own horn with this review.

“Best dentist in town! Very friendly staff that make you feel comfortable. Dr. Staley is up to date with all the new-age technology. He’s very thorough [in] explaining my options without upselling. I will always recommend Staley Dental to friends and family. They make going to the dentist fun!” — Jim Penske

Thanks, Jim! We strive to make our patients comfortable in the dental chair, and feel valued and cared for in every possible way. We like to think we do a good job with this and are glad patients like Jim agree!

We are committed to getting our patients the care they need, and that means changing the face of dentistry for any patients who have had bad experiences elsewhere. It also means taking the time to discuss your options and their varying effects on your teeth and gums down the road (as well as your overall health). Give us a call today!