7 Big Reasons People Love Their CEREC Same Day Crowns

Benefits of same day dental crowns

Awesome Advantages of CEREC Restorations

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, is a type of dental technology that has changed how dentists treat patients needing dental crowns.

Traditional dental crowns require dentists to work with a lab to create porcelain, zirconia, and various types of ceramic restorations. The process requires at least two separate appointments for the patient, often with two to four weeks of waiting before the permanent crown is finally placed.

With CEREC technology and in-office milling machines, dentists can create their own restorations immediately, leaving you to walk out of one appointment with a stunning permanent dental crown.

Here are 7 benefits of same day dental crowns you can look forward to experiencing.

1. No Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are necessary for traditional crowns because they protect your tooth while you wait for your permanent one. However, temporary crowns aren’t that comfortable, and they can easily pop loose if you eat something sticky.

With CEREC crowns, there’s no need for bulky, annoying temporaries. You don’t need to be cautious or afraid of it coming loose while you eat. You simply walk out of your appointment with a new, durable permanent crown.

2. Fewer Appointments

You have a busy schedule, so reducing the number of necessary dental appointments when possible is a no-brainer. When it comes to same day crowns vs. traditional crowns, CEREC is going to save you a lot of time. You’ll be in and out in roughly two hours, and you won’t need to worry about coming back in a few weeks. You’ll be ready to get back to your lifestyle and only return for your biannual cleanings.

3. Cost-effectiveness

CEREC crowns can be a more affordable option than lab-created crowns, making them a cost-effective solution for restorative or cosmetic purposes. They save time, and they save your pocketbook. CEREC crowns also make it possible to get the dental care you need to be done quickly when you’re on a budget or confined to certain dental insurance maximums.

4. Durability and Life-span

CEREC restorations are made of the same type of material used by dental labs to mill ceramic crowns. They are very durable and ideal for restoring either the front teeth or molars for most people without bruxism. They’re also easy to care for and don’t require any special attention; simply brush and floss around them just like your other teeth.

You can expect a CEREC crown to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years if you maintain optimal oral health and have a well-aligned bite. Some crowns last even longer.

5. Realistic Appearance

Since CEREC crowns are designed in your dentist’s office with you right there, they’re able to be easily color-matched to your smile. Dr. Staley will use an artistic touch to ensure your new crown blends in seamlessly with your smile, and no one will be able to tell your tooth has been restored.

Remember that dental crowns can’t be lightened with whitening products, so we always recommend a professional whitening treatment prior to crown placement if your teeth aren’t currently at your desired shade.

6. Versatility

Same day dental crowns are versatile, perhaps even more so than their traditional cousins, because they can be completed within a single appointment.

Dr. Staley can use CEREC restorations to:

  • Repair damage too large for fillings
  • Support teeth following root canal therapy
  • Restore broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • Cover permanently discolored teeth
  • Extend the appearance of short front teeth

Dental crowns have always had restorative and cosmetic functions, but CEREC makes the possibilities even more exciting since your permanent results are finished in a day.

7. Enamel Preservation

Enamel removal is necessary to compensate for the thickness of the material, but when it comes to same day crowns vs. traditional crowns, CEREC requires less enamel removal. By preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, your tooth will be more stable and healthier in the long run. Many people also find that they experience minimal discomfort or tenderness following CEREC crown placement compared to traditional crown placement for this reason.

Dr. Staley can transform your damaged or discolored teeth in one visit.

If you have a tooth in need of repair, Staley Dental is where you want to go. Dr. Staley is a family dentist in Boise, Idaho, who’s experienced in preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. CEREC crowns are just one of many advanced systems he uses to ensure every patient can achieve the healthy, most confident smile possible.

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