5 Simple Steps in Your Same Day Crown Placement: From Start to Finish

Same day crown placement procedure

Stunning, Durable Crowns in One Visit

Traditionally, dental crowns required at least two appointments, with a waiting period of two to four weeks in between for a lab to mill the restorations. You’d have to wear a bulky temporary crown while you waited and find time in your busy schedule for that permanent-placement visit.

CEREC technology has revolutionized this process by allowing dentists to design and create ceramic crowns right in their offices. The result is a durable, realistic restoration that’s placed the same day it’s milled.

Here is an explanation of the 5 steps involved in a same day crown placement procedure.

1. Picking the Ideal Crown Type

Your first visit with Dr. Staley will include an evaluation and an X-ray if necessary to evaluate the problematic tooth. The information he gathers from these and your oral health history will help him determine if a crown is the right choice and which type is best.

Crowns are ideal for moderately damaged teeth that need the structural support a crown offers. They’re often used when a tooth is too damaged for a dental filling, inlay, or onlay but still deemed saveable. The goal is always to save natural teeth whenever possible.

CEREC crowns are super versatile, which makes them perfect for both restorative and cosmetic treatment. For example, if you have a tooth permanently discolored from intrinsic stains, a same day crown is a quick, effective way of giving the tooth a permanently brighter, whiter look.

2. Preparing the Tooth

If Dr. Staley determines that a CEREC crown is suitable for your tooth, the next step is treating any decay or enamel erosion and prepping the tooth for a crown.

Dental crowns often accompany root canals because they give strength and stability to teeth. If you require a root canal, this will be done first. For general tooth decay or chipped teeth, Dr. Staley will remove any signs of decay or crumbling tooth enamel.

Once the tooth is clean and free from decay, Dr. Staley will remove a small layer of enamel from around the entire tooth. This prepping procedure is necessary for the crown to fit properly. CEREC crowns only require minimal enamel removal to fit well, which greatly benefits your tooth’s long-term health.

3. Taking Digital Impressions

Taking impressions is the next step in the design and milling process. Dr. Staley uses modern digital impression methods, which are easier, more comfortable, and more accurate than messy putty impressions. They are also incredibly fast, so moving on to the next step of design is quick.

We will then enter your digital impressions into the CEREC software, and Dr. Staley will begin to design your crown.

4. Designing and Milling

Every CEREC crown is custom-made to fit your unique smile. Dr. Staley will use the CEREC software to fine-tune the shape and size of the crown based on your digital impressions. He’ll also select the right color and translucency for the most realistic finish possible. There’s definitely an artistic aspect to CEREC crown design, and Dr. Staley does a fantastic job by paying close attention to detail.

With the design perfected, the software will use the in-office milling machine to create the crown from a special ceramic material. The milling process itself only takes between 10 and 30 minutes, but including the evaluation, basic tooth prep, impressions, and crown placement procedure, you can expect roughly a two-hour appointment.

5. Adjusting and Seating

The final step is seating the CEREC crown. The crown’s fit is vital for your comfort and the long-term health of your tooth. An improper fit can be painful, encourage decay, and damage opposing teeth. Dr. Staley eliminates the risks of these issues by adjusting each crown until he’s perfectly satisfied with the position as if he was treating his own tooth.

He will then permanently bond the crown to your tooth with an ultra strong, enamel-safe dental adhesive. Last but not least, Dr. Staley will polish up the crown and recheck your bite alignment to ensure the crown is resting properly and not interfering as you talk and chew.

Following your same day crown placement procedure, you’ll be able to return to your daily activities, although as with any dental procedure, it could take an hour or two for the numbness to wear off. Dr. Staley might also have you return for a brief follow-up visit to ensure your crown is doing well.

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