What We Love About Boise, ID in Summer

Summer in Boise, ID

Staley Dental’s Favorite Things About Summer in Boise, Idaho

It’s summer, Boise! And it’s our favorite time of the year… maybe because of the wonderful weather, the increasingly green landscapes, the numerous festivals, or all of the above. Keep reading to find out what the team at Staley Dental loves the most about summer in Boise, Idaho.

Summer Weather

Every day is beautiful in Boise but even more so in the summer. On average, we have 210 sunny days a year and during the summer solstice, the sun sets at 9:20 pm. What’s more? It doesn’t even get “dark” until 10:48 pm. Those extra sunlight hours allow us to spend more time outdoors, enjoying late family barbecues, and taking in the beautiful cloud formations stretching across the valley.

Plenty of Green Space

For a place that’s geographically considered a high desert, the aptly named City of Trees has plenty of green space, particularly in the summer. The Boise River Greenbelt, for instance, features a tree-lined path that cuts through the heart of the city, providing wildlife and scenic views to passers-by. And on Old Penitentiary Road lies the 50-acre Idaho Botanical Garden — a lush, blooming paradise perfect for a family day trip. We also have a lovely rose garden at Julia Davis Park, wide-open landscapes at the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial, and well-maintained blue turf fields at Boise State University. Gooo Broncos!

Friendly People

It seems like everywhere you go in Boise, the locals are talkative and friendly. Walk down any street and you’ll receive greetings from other pedestrians. Drivers will wave to you as they pass you by. And even the service providers at the many small businesses lining our streets always seem to enjoy a chat. We like to think our friendly nature is perhaps the reason we appear among the Top 100 Places to Live four times in a row but it might also be because of our…

Healthy Economy

We have a saying here: you can’t go ten steps without meeting someone with a patent generated in the Boise Valley area. At least half of the Boise community consists of aspiring entrepreneurs and tech startups. Boise is also home to tech industry giants like Microsoft, Clickbank, and Hewlett-Packard. All of these local businesses mean more local revenue and more job opportunities — the two main ingredients in a healthy economy.

Summer Music Festivals

We can’t talk about summer in Boise, Idaho and not mention the music festivals. There’s the Boise Music Festival, which offers a mix of all types of music as well as “musical” carnival attractions and activities that tie into the current theme of the celebrations. But if your taste lies in more classical music, don’t worry — we have that too. You can catch a show from any of the talented groups of local musicians playing with the Boise Philharmonic.

Idaho Shakespeare Theater Festival

Do you like theater and also enjoy the outdoors? You’re in for a treat. At the summer Idaho Shakespeare Theater Festival, you’ll enjoy the magic, drama, and suspense happening on stage — all while surrounded by an astonishing variety of native plants, songs of water birds, and if you’re lucky, even glimpses of deer, heron, and the occasional fox or two! Find out what’s playing this year through the Idaho Shakespeare Festival website and book your tickets early, because they sell out quickly.

Basque Heritage Festival

Boise is home to the largest community of Basque people outside of Spain and every summer we have the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the culture through their heritage festival. We have the San Inazio Festival on the last weekend of July. The celebrations start with a “Friends and Family Night” where we play unique Basque games and share snacks. On Saturday we have traditional dances on the street and indulge in authentic Basque cuisine. We spend the last day of the festival in Municipal Park with picnics and games, then close the celebrations with more traditional dances.


Here at Staley Dental, we’re never more grateful we call Boise home than in the summer. Why? We love the outdoors! And at this time of the year, Boise simply bursts with things for us to do. You’ll spot us at a Broncos game, dancing on the street at the San Inazio Festival, or even sitting next to each other at the Festival Amphitheater and Reserve. Feel free to say hello — we love meeting new people. We also love offering the best possible dental experience for you and your kids. Both locals and visitors to Boise can always book an appointment with us through our online form. We welcome patients of all ages and our friendly staff takes a compassionate approach to dental care that soothes even the most apprehensive patients.