10 Questions and Answers Patients Have About CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC crowns FAQs

What should I know before choosing a same day crown?

CEREC same day crowns have become increasingly popular over the last decade. The convenience of a single appointment to receive a crown is unparalleled, and the process is relatively easy for patients. As a result, many dental offices are taking advantage of this technology to provide this service to their patients.

But with any new technology comes a slew of patient questions. To help you out, these are the most common questions about same day crowns.

1. What does CEREC stand for?

CEREC is an abbreviation for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. These crowns are made directly in the dental office, making them more cost-effective for dentists and patients. The dentist uses computer-aided design and digital scanners to create a custom porcelain tooth to help patients achieve their smile goals.

2. Who is a candidate for CEREC crowns?

Same day crowns are ideal for patients with damaged or weakened teeth that need protection. Your family dentist in Boise, Idaho, may recommend a CEREC crown if you have the following problems:

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Extensively damaged or decayed teeth
  • Severe staining
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Uneven bite

If you clench or grind your teeth, the dentist may recommend a metal restoration for more durability.

3. What are the advantages of same day crowns?

Aside from restoring your tooth’s natural function, CEREC crowns have many advantages. These crowns are made in the office with a milling machine to create your new tooth while you wait. They do not require gooey impressions because they are created from a 3D scan of your mouth and then designed on a computer.

Because your new tooth gets bonded on the same day, there are no uncomfortable temporary crowns, or waiting weeks for your permanent crown.

4. Are CEREC crowns expensive?

Same day crowns cost approximately the same as traditional crowns. But multiple factors may influence the final cost of your restoration. Some of those factors include the prep work needed before placing the crown, the extent of the procedure, and your dental insurance.

5. How long does it take to place a CEREC crown?

The average length of a CEREC crown is about two hours. It starts with preparing the tooth and removing any decay. The same day dentist near Boise, Idaho, takes digital impressions of your mouth, which are transferred to a chairside monitor.

Your dentist views the crown on the monitor and makes necessary adjustments before sending it to be made in the CEREC machine. Once finished, your dentist will try it in your mouth to ensure it fits perfectly. Adjusting the tooth and bonding it in place should take a few minutes.

6. Are CEREC crowns aesthetically pleasing?

Yes, same day crowns look natural and aesthetically pleasing. Your family dentist in Boise, Idaho, customizes your crown to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. Once it’s bonded to your tooth, it will feel natural and perfectly blend with your smile.

7. Are CEREC crowns durable?

A same day crown is comparable to the durability of a traditional dental crown. These crowns are carved from solid ceramic blocks that resist daily wear and tear. You can contribute to the durability of your CEREC crown by avoiding smoking, not opening packages with your teeth, and not chewing on candy or ice.

8. How long does a same day crown last?

Most CEREC crowns last approximately 10-15 years, depending on the patient. Your new crown may last even longer with proper dental care. Make your crown last longer by:

  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily
  • Visiting the dentist twice a year for a cleaning and evaluation 
  • Having the dentist check the crown at each appointment
  • Wearing a nightguard to prevent damage from grinding or clenching

A CEREC crown is made from durable materials, but you have to do your part to maintain the integrity of the restoration.

9. Is a CEREC crown safe?

Same day crowns are as safe as conventional crowns. The materials used are similar in quality to crowns made in a dental lab. The difference is that the process happens in a separate room within the dental office. Your crown is designed on our software and milled with a special machine.

The material is a biocompatible ceramic, and the materials used to bond it to your tooth are safe.

10. Will getting a CEREC crown hurt?

Getting a same day crown is the same as any other crown procedure. Your dentist will numb the treatment area before beginning to limit your discomfort. You should have minimal discomfort after the process, but over-the-counter painkillers will alleviate any pain you experience.

Where can I get a CEREC crown in Boise, ID?

Dr. John Staley, DDS of Staley Dental, provides services for CEREC crowns in Boise, Idaho. Contact us today to learn more about the procedure or schedule your consultation appointment!