Wondering if You Really Need a Dental Crown? Consider These 5 Pointers

Do you need a dental crown

Restore the look and strength of your tooth with a dental crown.

Dental crowns are a common procedure for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. They provide a strong and durable outer shell that protects the vulnerable inner layers of the tooth. However, many patients are apprehensive about having a dental crown placed. You should discuss any concerns with your dentist and keep these 5 pointers in mind.

1. Cracks or Fractures Can Become Worse

Cracks, fractures, and chips are among the most common reasons dental crowns are needed. You can experience this type of physical damage to your teeth due to numerous causes, including dental trauma and wear.

At first, the damage might not seem so bad. While a visible crack or chip can affect your smile, minor damage is often inconspicuous. Some patients choose to simply ignore these issues because they aren’t causing any pain or apparent harm.

However, this can be a mistake. Cracks and chips are likely to become worse over time. The pressure exerted when you chew puts strain on already damaged teeth, allowing cracks to deepen and spread.

If the damage is related to teeth grinding, it will only worsen over time. Avoiding dental crown treatment today could lead to more serious issues down the line if you continue to grind your teeth.

2. Damage Often Leads to Tooth Decay and Infection

Physical damage to your teeth can accelerate tooth decay, which can then lead to a toothache and other serious symptoms. Cracks and chips in your teeth allow bacteria that cause tooth decay to thrive.

Bacteria are always present in your mouth but cause tooth decay and gum disease when you don’t manage them with good oral hygiene and routine dental visits. Cracks and chips provide shelter from brushing, allowing bacteria to grow in that area.

As tooth decay spreads, it can reach the tooth’s inner layers. This can lead to a painful infection spreading to surrounding tissue, including the gums and bone surrounding the tooth. Early dental crown placement can prevent these escalations.

3. Abscessed Teeth Require Immediate Treatment

As the infection inside your tooth spreads and worsens, it can lead to an abscessed tooth. The infection affects soft tissue in and around your tooth, which can eventually cause a pocket of pus called an abscess to form.

An abscessed tooth can cause irritation, swelling, inflammation, and pain. If it is left long enough, the infection will continue to spread until there is no option except tooth extraction.

Treating an abscessed tooth requires a root canal procedure to remove the soft tissue inside the tooth, preventing future infection. After the procedure, the interior of the tooth is filled, and a dental crown is placed to provide a strong and lasting chewing surface.

4. Crown Placement Is Easier than it Once Was

Many patients understand the importance of crown placement but are hesitant due to the lengthy process involved in a traditional crown placement. Older methods involved the use of temporary crowns and waiting for your final crown placement at a later appointment.

Today, options are available for same day crown placement that greatly streamlines the treatment process. CEREC® technology lets dentists create custom crowns at their practice instead of relying on external dental labs.

This unique, computer-aided technology provides strong and durable crowns that match your natural teeth perfectly. You can enjoy the benefits of dental crown placement without the excessive waiting and multiple appointments they used to require.

Same day crown placement can be an effective option, but it isn’t necessarily right in every situation. You can schedule a consultation with your dentist to find out which specific type of dental crown placement or other treatment options are right for you.

5. Financing Options Are Available

Financing dental treatment is another reason some patients may put off dental crown placement. In general, avoiding treatment today only leads to more serious and expensive treatment requirements later on, so it’s best to avoid this outcome.

Staley Dental provides a range of financing options to help our patients afford their care. Our practice works with most dental insurance programs and provides options for patients without insurance.

You can take advantage of our health savings plan for your regular dental care and also receive a discount on additional treatments, such as dental crowns. We work with CareCredit to offer low monthly payment plans to help you access treatment when needed.

Find out more about your treatment options.

If you have a chipped tooth or other dental issues that may require a dental crown, the only way to know for sure is to reach out to your family dentist in Boise, ID. At Staley Dental, we offer a range of treatment options and can find a plan that meets your needs. Schedule a dentist appointment today to find the right treatment and financing options for you.