6 Same Day Dental Crown Questions: Common FAQs

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What People Ask About Our Same Day Dental Crowns

If you have ever needed a dental crown, you know that it can be time-consuming. Traditionally, if you need a crown for a weakened tooth, to cover a large filling or dental implant because of a chipped tooth, or any other reason to help provide you with toothache relief, you would have to make two appointments. During your first visit, your dentist would shape your tooth and make an impression. Then, once the crown arrived, you would need to go back for a fitting and placement. Unfortunately, taking this much time out of the day could be a deterrent to many patients. Thus, the same day crown concept has grown in popularity over the years due to its convenience.

All this said, many patients don’t know what a same day crown is. Read on to see six frequently asked questions and answers about same day crowns (also known as CEREC crowns).

1. What is a same day crown?

A same day dental crown is just what it sounds like – a dental crown that can be measured and fit comfortably, all in the same day. CEREC has made a process that provides comfortable and  painless dental crowns in just a fraction of the time, saving patients time while restoring their beautiful smile. The CEREC system consists of computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a finely-tuned milling machine that has the ability to create custom ceramic restorative devices. Same day crowns can benefit almost any patient in need of a ceramic restoration. Not only can this help to lessen your dental anxiety, but it can save you both time and money.

2. What does CEREC mean?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. Essentially, CEREC is an abbreviation for the simplified process that CEREC-certified dentists can use when providing same day crown treatment to their patients. As you can see, CEREC represents some keywords.

  • Chairside – this means that your dentist can create a comfortably fitting crown for you while you wait
  • Economical – the same day crown option is both cost-effective and affordable
  • Ceramic – CEREC same day crowns are made of a ceramic material (more on this below)

3. What are CEREC crowns made of?

As we mentioned above, CEREC same day crowns are made from ceramic or resin materials. The technology leveraged to create CEREC crowns give them a comfortable and painless fit. Plus, this computer-aided technology uses 3D imaging so that your dentist can also match the color of the same day crown to your natural teeth. This means your smile will both look and feel natural.

4. Do same day crowns fit as well?

Same day CEREC crowns fit just as well as traditional dental crowns. When you come to see Dr. Staley at Staley Dental in Boise, Idaho, for your same day crown, you’ll see that the dental team goes above and beyond to ensure that your CEREC crown will fit comfortably and painlessly. Not only that, but the shortened process to get a same day crown works in your favor, too, when it comes to the fitting.

When you get a traditional crown, you are often fitted with a temporary crown while the dentist waits for your permanent crown to arrive. Temporary crowns can fall out quickly, and they just don’t fit as well. This can make the waiting period a bit uncomfortable. Same day crowns, however, help to prevent injury as they are fitted while you wait. Also, CEREC crowns can help your tooth stay stronger as less drilling is required, which means your dentist can save more of your natural tooth.

5. Do same day crowns last as long as traditional crowns?

When properly cared for, a same day crown can last just as long as a traditional dental crown. And, the best way to care for your same day crown is by coming in for dental cleanings every six months, brushing twice per day with a soft-bristled brush, flossing at least once per day, and rinsing daily with a fluoridated mouthwash. The longevity of same crowns is just one of the many advantages that patients receive when they get dental crowns from Staley Dental.

6. How much do same day crowns cost?

The cost of traditional and same day crowns can vary across the board. Exact pricing is determined by certain factors, including the overall health of your teeth and gums and any other dental procedures that might be done concurrently. This said, Staley Dental patients have traditionally found that same day crowns are not only economically priced but have a lower price than traditional crowns. Further, many insurance companies pay between 50% to 80% of the cost of same day crowns, meaning that your out-of-pocket expense may be minimal based on your specific dental coverage.

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