10 Health Conscious Gift Ideas for Christmas

Gift ideas for better health

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Health Fan in Your Life

The Christmas season is perhaps the hardest time of the year for the health fan in your life. Even though you love them, there’s a big chance you fall into category (a) the ones who get obvious accessories like blenders “to make all those kale juices” or (b) the ones who want them to try new “exciting” things and buy gift certificates at an all-you-can-eat steakhouse. If you’d like to turn things around this year and get them a gift they’ll really love, stick around for a little longer for some gift ideas you not have thought of.

1. Special Teas

It’s not only Brits who enjoy a good ole fashioned cuppa of tea. Many people turn to this delicious beverage to avoid staining their teeth, promote clearer skin, and encourage better sleep. So for that health fan in your life, you can never go wrong with unique teas or infusion gifts. Choose from Japanese matcha tea sets and bubble tea making kits, to herbal teas and an everything-you-need tea hamper.

2. Toothbrush Sanitizer

We all know that toothbrushes are an effective tooth cleaning tool, but have you ever stopped to think about where the plaque and microscopic microbes go once you’re done brushing? Enter: toothbrush sanitizer. This is the perfect gift to help the health-conscious fan in your life kill bacteria and keep bristles clean until the next tooth brushing session.

3. Toys

This one sounds a little obvious, but it’s often the little gifts we give our kids over the holidays that are the most damaging to their health. Mostly because the usual presents come in the form of sweets, chocolates, or sugary baked goods. Since your child’s normal routine is more or less upended at this time of the year, they’ll probably end their days tired, drink less water, and brush their teeth more half-heartedly. Buying them small toys instead of candy can limit excessive sugar consumption as your little one spends more time either performing root canals with the Play-doh Doctor Drill ‘N Fill set or helping Doc McStuffins take care of Stuffy the dinosaur’s teeth.

4. Water Piks

Did you know more than 60% of Americans struggle with flossing? This isn’t a “floss-tastic” number for something that’s critical to your oral health. Even those who do floss mostly put the string in the space between the teeth without making the recommended c-shape to remove plaque and debris from the enamel. Getting the health-conscious fan in your life a less technique-sensitive alternative to floss can actually be a wonderful way to help them take care of their oral health.

5. Cheese

Don’t underestimate the power of cheese when it comes to health-conscious gift giving. Whether you want to share your favorite nutty gruyere with a faraway loved one or surprise the patriotic cheese aficionado in your family with a Rogue River Blue Cheese, the first-ever American-made cheese to win top honors at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy, a beautifully wrapped piece of cheese will no doubt please anyone you’re fond-ue of.

6. Fitness Accessories

Given that Christmas is so close to the “New Year, New You” resolutions, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better time to facilitate a loved one’s fitness momentum. Choose the best gym kit you can find, order that fitness bra they showed you on Thanksgiving, or get them a three-month gym membership gift card and watch their faces light up when they open their present.

7. Light Projector Lamp

We all have that one relative who goes out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable, fed, and happy. Even if that means they’ll spend hours whipping up little Timmy’s favorite dish and creating a whole new menu to cater for cousin Marie’s last-minute kosher diet. Treat this special person in your life to a bit of much-needed self-care with a light projector lamp that turns any room into a beautiful light show. Self-care is an important part of everyone’s health-conscious efforts, and it may just be all the encouragement they need to put their feet up and watch the Northern lights in the living room.

8. Electric Toothbrush

Toothbrushes have come a long way since their days as a simple handheld tool for removing plaque and debris. From built-in timers and sensitive teeth modes, there’s no limit to the number of AI features an electric toothbrush provides when it comes to customizing those all-important two minutes spent at the sink. This makes Christmas gifts such as Foreo Issa sensitive gums brush or Philips Sonicare deep clean an easy win.

9. Holiday Snack Box

The holiday season is often challenging for your health-conscious (but secretly indulgent) friend. What with all the decadent chocolate cupcakes, a dizzying array of candy canes, and what feels like a sea of sweets and hard candies. A delicious healthy (read: guilt-free) holiday snack box can be the perfect way to pass on the holiday spirit this Christmas season.

10. Dental Appointment

People give delicious treats, fitness accessories, gift certificates, and special event tickets, so why not a professional tooth whitening session or a general cleaning? Depending on your relationship with the person receiving the gift, a dental appointment can show you care about their oral health and you’d like them to feel the way you do when you see them smile. Book your appointment online and surprise your health-conscious friend or family member with the gift of a professionally cleaned, happy mouth. Our friendly staff takes a compassionate approach to dental care that soothes even the most apprehensive patients.

Staley Dental is here to help with all your oral health needs over the holidays.

With all the rushing around getting ready for the holidays, it’s important to look after yourself during this time so you can have a healthy and happy holiday. If you or your family are overdue for a dental checkup, contact the team at Staley Dental so you can smile bright this season. We’re always happy to see you.